Someday, hopefully soon.

I met Virginia a few years ago at a fox hunt; I was riding my Saddlebred, who was pretty out of control that day. Virginia, on one of her Icelandics, literally saved my butt when my guy took off with me and I couldn't stop him. After the hunt, Virginia introduced me to the Icelandic breed. 

I really loved the size, because the older I get, the closer to the ground I want to be if I fall off! About two years later I saw that Virginia was doing a clinic with her Icelandics, so I signed up and got to interact, do ground work, and ride one for the first time. I fell in love! I've been out to Harmony twice since then to trail ride. 

Virginia and Liz and both very patient instructors, which I really appreciate since I'm a pretty timid rider on trails. I felt confident and safe on the horse that I usually ride, Gnyr. He is such a sweetie! Each time I've visited, I've taken a friend with me. Both of them also fell in love with the breed. I hope to eventually own one of these beautiful, sure footed horses!